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A New Consensus Reality


     If you are wondering if "all things EHE" / Exceptional Human Experience is another of those new-age religions or if it is supposed to be a product of 'real science' you are not alone.  [... to continue the article]




*     *     *     *     *


And here's more .. is in the largest sense about an extraordinary  consciousness shift now quite noticeably underway and in evidence all over the world.   New questions and insights come up almost daily, yours and mine  ... Food4Thot.   They will also spill over into the form of one or more blogs, soon as I can figure out how to make that happen.

     Here are a few saucy entrees.  Larger menu coming soon.  Bon appetite!


The Awakening of a 

rEvolutionary New Worldview

     Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3



EXPERIENCE -- All Things EHE:_

A New Consensus Reality

     Part 1 ; Part 2



Who Is This Consciousness
Shift Movement?



The Big Question!



All Things EHE: Creating an EHEerly Lifestyle



The Yin-Yang of Exceptional Human Experiences [Rhea A. White] and Incarnational Spirituality [David Spangler]



What About Us NonExperiencers??



Of Rainbows and Grassroots:

Discovering Our Sacred Planet-Saving Unity



How May We Together Change the World for the Better?  An "Inside" Approach



A New Human Species in Our Midst? John White thinks so.  Meet Homo-Noeticus



Such As ...  ???

     Secular ; Secular 2 ; Spiritual



Living with the Mystery



The Pinocchio Complex



Our Thoughts/Feelings as Food





Looking for What Our Greatest Teachers and Exemplars Have in Common 

     Part 1 ; Part 2



Earth's Brain and Ironies that Accrue, Like, Well .. Thought Forms!



Thoughts, Sea Creatures, AND ...

S  I  L  E  N  C E



For Want of a Bridge



The Destiny-Defining Will






*     *      *      *      *




    Languaging:  A Thorny Issue


[A conversation overheard between Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear ..]


CR:  Why isn't the pre-tense of roses arises? 

PB:  You mean irises? 

CR:  Nooo ..

PB:  ...  Irises don't have thorns, you know.

CR:  Uh-humm ..

PB:  I thought roses was a noun .. ?

CR:  Actually, roses and languaging have a lot in common.

PB:  Okay, you lost me there.


Roses:   Ouch!

         ...   . ..   .     .


CR:  Pooh!!  She's made a start!  See?..


Bear Wrestling ..

I Mean, Languaging:  Hints of Things to Come


.. Pooh?  

Pooh, wait!  Why are you running away?! .. No, wait!  Is it the 'wrestling' part?

[Wrest-less nod..          

              teddybear-trundling on..]

Oh, Sighh...


Eyore:  That's not the spirit at all!


[BIG grin from Tigger]



~~~~~~~~~~    *    ~~~~~~~~~~






          A garDEn-gLorious gatherInG ligHT:  These quotations come primarily from the books and other media mentioned on this site.  Naturally, this homegrown garden is GMO-free, no pesticides, no irradiation, totally organic.  [Got any favorites you think would shine here?]  From the Quotes page:


          This quote comes from the Dannion Brinkley, who returned to this life  miraculously after the first of at least three NDEs 'on fire' for many reasons, not the least from having been struck by lightning [OUCH!].  For one, he came back with the memory of 117 predictions, most of them rather dire, of which, by 1995, he had verified 95, he felt, as having come true. But in reference to how things are, at present, here -- and how they might be -- the Light Beings emphasized this:


          There is a great spiritual movement afoot on the earth.  This is a movement that has the power to change the direction of mankind.

          All we have to do is realize that the future is not written in stone.  All of the events that I saw in my visions and all of the events that seem to be taking place in the world around us can be altered by group effort.  All we have to do, the Beings told me, is view ourselves as spiritual beings, living in a spiritual place, with a spiritual purpose.

          The rest will follow.

~~Dannion Brinkley, At Peace in the Light



     The NEW Story:  At last we have something to blame for all our world's problems and personal ones as well!  This is about the need for and development of a new cultural story and about the power of mythos.  Through reconceptualizing our Global Story, we are together changing -- and saving -- our precious world.


        You may already have noticed a "Gender Experiment" in evidence throughout the site [words like "heshe" and "hir"].  I hope you will be inspired to do your own experimenting and internal processing with this.   Give us your feedbackDepending on the response, we may do considerably more with this.       


  The Power of Story and its Breadcrumb Trail will take you on a journey intended to encourage you to discover your inner tapestry of Story, the kinds of literally soul-stirring, life-changing, spiritually transformative experiences that provide the breadcrumb trail HOME, which is the heart of Eternity.



     So, Who Is Rhea A. White?  Ahhh! Let's just say, once you know, be sure to put her on your list of remembrances to share with your children and your grandchildren.  They will want to know.  



     The Galleries of Light are largely here because of a personal encounter, a delightful play with Spirit, by whatever name you prefer.  That event gave me encouragement to bring some of these results to you, in spite of the fact I used what must have become by now the current digital equivalent of the old 'brownie' box camera -- a Kodak EasyShare, 3.1 MP. ...Nervy, huh?  ;-)   


     Books and ..:  A starter collection to provide further nourishment to supplement the breadcrumbs -- your breadcrumb stories -- with hi-energy 'chocolates' [you'll recognize them!] and other REAL soul food for your continued Adventure. 

     Here is "a sampler" of extraordinary and multi-disciplinary bridge- builders, offering a glimpse into the breadths and depths of this expanding Consciousness Shift becoming conscious of itself as a Movement that is us and has absolutely no precedent:

  • Sri Aurobindo, or the Adventure of Consciousness, by Satprem.  All I'm going to say here is, Run, don't walk, and find yourself a copy of this book. .. [read review]






HIGHLIGHTS  (continued)




     Books and .., highlighting many sources and resources culminating in the rise of this Consciousness Shift Movement, continued

  • The Call and everything else by the blessing being who is David Spangler.  In the ranks of world-teachers like Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and Teilhard de Chardin, David first came to the attention of many people as the author of Revelation, the Birth of a New Age and as one of the co-founders of Findhorn, a renowned intentional community in northern Scotland.  He just naturally opens your heart.  And in his really seeing the ineffable beauty of YOU, for all you may take for granted as otherwise, you see the splendor of YOU, too.  It's who and what he is, without any exterior stuff to sully or distort.  David Spangler is the archetypal grace of that "MORE that it means to be Human" and is the most remarkable Human Being I've every met.

  • Joanna Macy  is an essential global Grandmother to the foundational and deep 'grassroots of the Grassroots' that is what you will see referred to here as the Consciousness Shift Movement.  Start with her three books:  Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age ( 1983); Thinking Like a Mountain:  Toward a Council of All Beings (1988), co-authored by John Seed, Plat Fleming and Arne Naess; Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect our Lives, Our World ( 1998), co-authored by Molly Young Brown [Guidebook to the Work].

  • Global Mind Change by Willis Harman.  Even though this man is not so well known outside academic and scientific circles, he is understandably considered to be one of the pivotal sages of our times.  "The world is undergoing an extraordinary revolution, an intellectual rebellion against the exclusionary belief structure that has dominated Western thought for centuries.  For too long, science has been used by scientists and others to slam closed the frontiers of the human mind....  It's no longer necessary for science to shrug away the mysteries of the spirit.  We are undergoing a radical transformation.  We are empowering ourselves.  As a result, conventional power -- military, economic, and political -- will fade.  By deliberately changing their internal image of reality, people are changing the world." [--from the cover of this book]

  • The Cultural Creatives:  How 50 Million Americans Are Changing the World by social scientists, Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson.  Their exquisitely detailed Cultural Creative portrait is well supported from the best tools and intelligence Western science can offer.  The languaging is different, but through the lens of Ahhh-TheLight, if we alter slightly the definition of a few key words, the authors' "Core Cultural Creatives" and "Green Cultural Creatives" [see "Cultural Creatives"] can be seen to be, respectively, strikingly similar to EHEers and EHE Empaths.  Their many years of thorough and breakthrough research delineate the development of this Consciousness Shift as a clearly recognizable Movement.

  • My Stroke of Insight:  A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey by Jill Bolte Taylor -- neuroanatomist and rare Human Being.  She got to a transformed life of insight through a major stroke that resulted in the inaccessibility of a functional, analytical, nuts-and-bolts left brain.  For the next several years of rehabilitation, Taylor lived largely out of what she described from her experience as the nirvanic, right brain.  She came to realize two essential selves -- the "solid" left ego in stunning contrast to the "fluid" self eternally sourced in the oneness of all life.  As an accomplished brain scientist, she observed the brief moments of the disintegration of her brain/body and the slow reorganizational process that followed.  Her journey recapitulates in a very personal way, and again, with quite  different languaging, so much of what you will find on this website.

  • Answers by Mother Meera.  Who knows how many thousands or more of people have had the rare gift to visit Mother Meera -- or be visited by Mother Meera! -- who is considered to be an avatar of our age.  But you don't even have to know what an avatar is or certainly to believe this to realize the profound simplicity and power of her teaching.  This book is very rare in that her true teaching and blessing is through Silence and Love. 

  • Presence:  Human Purpose and the Field of the Future by Peter M. Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers -- Their fields of expertise are global business management and "organizational learning."  Senge, et al., were deeply concerned with the precarious state of our world.  For more than a year they submerged themselves in a fundamental questioning process about why we don't appear to change and exactly what it would take to generate the profound transformation required to forge a revolutionary path to wholeness and healing for our Earth and its Humanity.  Again, from a very different background, we see in their exciting pathwork another mirror to all that you will see on this website.

  • Creating a World Without Poverty by Mohammad Yunus.  This man, almost single-handedly, has made an extraordinary impact on the world through his conception of microcredit, and primarily funding women.  See his website,

  • Silence by Robert and Cheryl Sardello, School of Spiritual Psychology.   A sublimely eloquent immersion into the living Presence of Silence as a direct experience.  Many of my friends have this book and every time it comes up in conversation, without exception, each one gets this look of awe and longing, and there's always a lapse as they revisit The Silence before they can speak.  A rare treasure that takes you to the center of the Heart, which is the Living Silence.

  • Sacred Science by John Heron, EHEer and one of the founding persons behind transpersonal psychology, a field that by definition brings together as one entity, science and spirituality.  This pioneering work describes in  intimate detail Heron's passionate emphasis on "lived inquiry," that we each are our own best and [think about it:] final authority into what he calls "the spiritual and the subtle."  Each person is encouraged to choose / create hir own languaging out of direct, personal EHEerly  experience.  Heron is very much into collaborative and very much  not into traditional hierarchical authoritarianisms.

  • Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together:  A Pioneering Approach to Communicating in Business and in Life by William Isaacs [Introduction by Peter Senge].  In the first reading of this book I am realizing, clearly, that Isaacs' work will be crucial to the development of community activities on this and a related web, a multiplicity of communities.  It is impacting the highest reaches of the international corporate and government worlds, which renews my hope for our planet!  

  • Cell Talk by John Upledger, who created the field of CranioSacral work.  Here's a wowww to chew on:  Put this understanding -- I/thou, blended,  consciousness-to-consciousness communication with the trillions of cells of your body-- together with the blending of the  functional awareness of our many billions in terms of our becoming the unified, planetary I-am awareness, the "global brain"/mind.  The understanding gained from this extraordinary pioneer is an essential complement to the developmental, evolutionary process we are also discovering together from what feels like the other end of the telescope -- or microscope, as it were -- and in a fascinating, experiential way, boils down to same-same!!  This work will change our whole conception of the healing arts and sciences.

  • Radical Nature:  Rediscovering the Soul of Matter by biologist Christian de Quincey.  Here too is a recognizable slant on the Consciousness rEvolution in-process, another exciting Great Work.  De Quincey proposes that mind and matter are related through a pervasive Consciousness that "goes all the way down"! [think cells, molecules, subatomic waves / particles. . .]

  • The Little Book of Life After Death by Gustav Theodor Fechner,  -- you may remember this man's name from your Psychology 101 class.  Boy [or, Guuurl], are you going to be surprised!

  • The Self-Aware Universe:  How Consciousness Creates the Material World by Amit Goswami, physicist, argues with clarity and brilliance that consciousness -- not matter -- is the fundamental "stuff" of the universe.   His perspective is another  excellent abridgement across the traditional great divide between science and spirituality.  

  • Wholeness and the Implicate Order by renowned physicist David Bohm -- speaking of consciousness and this evolutionary Shift -- is one of the most influential and important works of modern and postmodern times.  








          Dear Friends, Partners, Angels introduces you to the development of a mega-site called   Ahhh-theLight serves as a forerunner and introduction to that site.  By following the progression of links at the bottom of "Friends.." and subsequent, related pages, you will get a thorough presentation.  

           The objective of "Dear Friends.." and beyond is to introduce you to what will be five other quite large, highly interactive, community-based, interrelated webs.  This project requires a passionately committed team of partners and other essential players to bring it into being.  

          First and foremost, all who will share this exciting work will have in common a profound interest in the subject matter regarding the Consciousness Shift taking place in many millions of people in the world today, across all possible differences we can name.  It is a global  Movement without precedent, about to discover itself and its naturally unifying, inner-sourced organizing capabilities that will ultimately  transform our sense of reality and even what it means to be human.  

          Like a wild profusion of seedlings springing up out of the Earth, across the vast chary remains after a forest fire, this Movement is sprouting, almost invisibly, in our very midst and across the entire globe -- right out of the heart of Humanity itself.  Its transformative impact on the world as a whole will be the key for saving and renewing our Earth and making possible our continued human existence here.  

          The REAL STORY is this Movement's development, characteristics, and direction, which you can explore through these pages to begin with:




The Awakening of a

rEvolutionary New Worldview


A New Consensus Reality


Who Is Rhea A. White?


As to the partnering adventure itself, of that too, it could be said, ...



... it's in process.  




Now's the time:  Come!



Let's Do Something Giant!




          I feel it may be helpful to include these kinds of personal Experiences, such as the one highlighted above, that have fed the flame of my passion for this work.  The experiences probably mean nothing to anyone but me.  My point is to say I have for years felt guided and deeply confident about this project.  I believe there are others who will feel in their own way similarly inspired by a calling to this as well.




*     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *


 Keep an eye out for the BlogLight soon to appear.  I'm looking forward 

to your own thoughts, input, and experiences!



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NOTE:  On February 24, 2007, more than 50 years after the dramatic NDE that launched her lifepath toward gifting us with the genius of her 'all-things EHE', Rhea A. White, who is the primary inspiration behind much of what you find here,  graduated happily and once more into the loving embrace of the "Everlasting Arms" that set her on that journey.  Now twice over, she has come to know-that-she-knows what A Voice said to her during an NDE:  




*     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *



Thank you, twice-born friend, 

for this Great Gift, 

your own splendid 

Project of Transcendence.  

God bless always extravagantly your continued Journey, Rhea.


*               *               *               *               *


Because of her passing, Rhea White's website,, has been in flux on and off over much of the last year.  White bequeathed this major window into her prolific works to the internationally renowned Parapsychology Foundation.  Through their good graces, using the original web address, it now appears to be re-stabilized online.  Many thanks to the Parapsychology Foundation for this Great Gift!




Another Breadcrumb Trail?? serves a broader purpose beyond the information, stories and art relating to spiritual experiences found here.  Below the surface available through the navbar at the top, there is a whole other 'underground' web.  As such,  Ahhh-theLight is also a calling card, or rather, a presentation that is itself a breadcrumb trail introducing another site, a mega-web consisting of at least five subwebs and four independent membership communities, being built along similar thematic lines, only with far greater depth and scope than can be accomplished here.  To find out more about this, see OnAMission.     


To learn more about the overall site see "About."


How to Explore This Website and Get the Most Out of It




          People have sometimes asked about the way color is used on this site.  My experience with color, not only as an artist, but as a person, is that it can be, and in fact has long been known for being, a powerful instrument of therapy.  One of my brothers took his first look at the site and said, "Now I know what the inside of a rainbow looks like!"  ;-D

          This has been a learning curve for gaining the understanding that not all eyes see alike.  For example, one woman whose eyes are very sensitive said she had to select text, which would be like looking at a negative of a photograph, so she could read on a white rather than black background.  What we eventually will do is make this friendlier in this regard so people can choose how they want to see this, or maybe it will be changed altogether as the second site becomes available.

          I hope this will increase your own observations of the power of color and its influence in your daily life.  In the meantime, you can always copy/paste anything here into text program in order to make reading easier on your eyes.



 *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    * 



Enjoy your explorations here.  

Blessings on your personal Journey 

and on our collective Journey 

in the Eternity we share, 

becoming more of who and what we are 

as eternal beings in the here-and-now,

within the Body and Beingness of . .

Ahhh .. TheLIGHT!




*     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *






 To a few special LIGHTS of my life, without whom, this work 

would have never even been an imaginal blink.





*     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *     *  *  *  * *    *



        Bookmark this page and come back often to see the chronicles of this Consciousness rEvolution continue to grow.  Share with us your own EHE stories and how they have changed your life.  


         Also, help or partner with us in the development of the companion site,, offering several interdependent, highly interactive communities, and where much, much more will become available along these lines over the ensuing months.






Thanks to for the original of the star image above.


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